Cowboy Boot


Dressage boot

Whether you are a fitness fanatic wishing to add horse-riding to your outdoor pursuit CV; a keen rider who likes to keep in shape; or a serious athlete looking for an active break; Hills Farm Stables Riding Boot Camp could be the activity weekend for you!

Arrive Friday mid-afternoon and meet your hosts for the weekend:- former international triathlete Melissa, her mother Jackie, and their four-legged friends before heading off to either the beach or a local pool and health spa for a splash before a delicious home-cooked dinner. This may be a boot camp, but we don’t skimp on comfort, food or wine- you are on holiday after all!


  • Early start on Saturday with a 5km Parkrun at Colby Woodland Gardens
  • Back at Hills Farm Stables, saddle up for a school session in the arena.
  • After lunch, unwind on a hack through the Welsh countryside, taking in stunning views of the Taf Estuary and Carmarthen Bay.
  • Lots of choices for the last activity of the day:-
    • Bike ride
    • Cliff walk with optional sea swim
    • Gentle stroll down to Laugharne, to sample the local hostelries.
    • Back home for well earned dinner or BBQ..

  • Sunday’s pre-breakfast run is well worth getting up for as it takes in footpaths along the Taf Estuary, with the Boathouse and writing shed of Laugharne’s famous poet Dylan Thomas.
  • Beach or forest ride.
  • Late lunch to set you up for your homeward journey in the afternoon.

Are you up to the challenge? Cost £325 per person, all inclusive.
Max 4 per stay.