Hills Farm Stables is situated just outside Laugharne, next to the river Corran, on Horsepool Road which is a no-through road with very little traffic. A network of bridleways and quiet country lanes can be accessed from Hills Farm, and hacking facilities are excellent.

There are 15 stables, varying in size from 12 to 16 square metres, with one covered pen leading to a small paddock. All livery horses are kept on rubber-matted floors with shavings as bedding.

Horses on grass keep are kept on a 24-acre pasture, all of which is visible from the yard. The remaining 12 acres is divided into paddocks for turnout of stabled horses. All of these are well-maintained and rotated to prevent overgrazing or poaching.

A 40x20m arena with a sand and rubber surface; a 15x15m lunge pen, and a horse walker are available for all livery owners to use.